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We are committed to our customers and always deliver top quality products and service

ActSafe is a world leader in Power Ascenders and uses its experience, knowledge and technology to revolutionize the way you work and operate at heights and depths. With more than two decades of experience and a worldwide network of distributors we at ActSafe will continue to develop unique Power Ascender solutions in close collaboration with our customers.

Since the introduction of the world's first Power Ascender back in 1997 ActSafe has taken a firm hold on the worldwide powered rope access market. Our innovative Power Ascenders enable quick, safe and reliable rope access. We are utterly committed to our customers and always deliver top quality products and service. We have a rapidly growing export business through our network of appointed and trusted distributors. Durable products with a cutting edge design using the latest technology - that is what we do best!

Every Actsafe ascender is built by an experienced technician in our workshop based in Lindome, Sweden.

We take great pride in ensuring that every product that leaves our workshop is quality-checked to the highest standards

Magnus Glans


Michael Melin

Quality Manager

Karin Willinger-Larsson

Account & Logistics Manager

Eva Hansson


Jimmy Eiterjord


Lisa Fogelstrom

Production Manager & Purchasing

Nairn Young

Account Manager

Mikael Darnolf

Production Technician

Carl Hahne

Production Technician

Simon Hägerström

Production Technician

Fredrik Ryytty Nilsson

Production Technician

Sofia Eneskans

Office Assistant


ActSafe operate a worldwide distributor network covering the complete range of ActSafe products. Find the distributor in your region

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ActSafe operate an open communication policy with distributors and end users regarding safety alerts, information and correct use of ActSafe ascenders.

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