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Renewable Wind Energy

Work on turbines is one area where the ActSafe Ascenders have been proven extremely useful. For both inspection and repair operations, the working method offers a short set-up time resulting in minimal shutdown of the turbine.

Case Study:Blade Repair & Inspection Case Study:Danwind Construction Case Study:Turbine Maintenance Case Study:Offshore Equipment Lifting Case Study:Blade Repair - Access Platforms

Urban Access & Building Maintenance

ActSafe ascenders can provide scaffold free solutions to urban buildings with minimum impact to the building residents. Maintenance tasks such as repair work, painting and cleaning become more efficient by reducing the time and labour costs Power scenders can be used to gain easy access to high structures, confined spaces, shafts and cranes.

Case Study:Glazing Case Study:Painting & Cleaning Case Study:Facade Replacement

Inspection of Structures

ActSafe Power Ascenders are ideal for inspections and lightweight work on buildings, bridges, towers and other high rise structures. Flexibility coupled with rapid installation and dismantling make them a true alternative to scaffolding, sky-lifts and power platforms

Case Study:Stadium Maintenance Case Study:Oresund Bridge Inspection

Telecom and Power

Frequent climbing in towers can lead to repetitive strain injuries among staff. ActSafe Power Ascenders can easily raise or lower a technician including their equipment, thus eliminating a lot of hard climbs. They are also ideal for lifting or hauling purposes, in other words a lightweight alternative to wire winches.

Case Study:Hydro - Austria Case Study:Solar Energy Case Study:Tarraleah Power Station,

Search and Rescue

SAR personnel and firemen were among the first to adopt the use of Power Ascenders. Speed and efficiency are essential to them and they immediately saw the potential for saving lives through improved working methods.

Case Study:Helicopter Winching Case Study:High Rescue Group Case Study:Mountain Rescue


The ActSafe PME Power Ascenders is widely used in all kind of geotechnical operations; Cleaning rock faces over railways and roads, mounting of safety nets and inspections. In remote areas the need for helicopter assistance may be unnecessary - with enormous cost savings as the result.

Case Study:Rock Scaling in Norway

Restricted and Confined Space

Underground mines, ventilation systems, storage tanks and silos also require access for daily work, inspection, cleaning and maintenance. Access is generally only possible from the top down which presents difficult working environments and requires innovative work methods. Rescue plans almost always involve egressing a casualty out from the top. Power ascenders provide the solution to all theses challenges.

Case Study:Industrial Rescue Case Study:Ventilation Systems


Arborists and Tree Surgeons have embraced the use of Power Ascenders. This industry is known for pioneering new working methods and customising equipment.

Case Study:Trädnu Arborists


ActSafe ascenders are often used for work on ships as the technicians almost always have to exit back up to the top due to the water below. Work can be carried out when the ship is in port without the need for a dry dock.

Case Study:Maritime Access


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