Rock Scaling in Norway

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Rock Scaling is the removal of loose rock on the high slopes and cliffs situated above roads and railways, to reduce the risk of debris falling onto people below. The PMX and PME ascenders are preferred for this work as the remote locations usually have limited electricity available.

"The best days at work are the days on the rope, with air under your feet. The ActSafe makes the day much easier - it is a wonderful aid." - Anders Flæte - Mesta, Norway. (Instagram account andersflete)

Expert rope access teams have been using ActSafe ascenders for over 10 years to access areas where regular cranes cannot reach. They also use a variety of customised tools which present further challenges in getting them up to the work locations. These include pressurised air cushions and drilling equipment. The steep slopes are also stabilized by rock bolting, pinning or the installation of wire mesh. The ActSafe ascenders are used to winch this material up and into position. Each petrol ascender can haul up to 250kg, and a full tank of petrol allows a 100kg load to be lifted 750m vertically.

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