Solar Energy

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The Colibri Group specialise in height work and difficult access. Here their rope access technicians are pictured using the ActSafe ACX ascenders to install solar panels on the exterior of a building in central Paris, France.

Power ascenders are compact lifting tools which can be incorporated into mobile rope access teams to do the physical heavy work which is time consuming and exhausting. This maximises the productivity of the team by reducing their fatigue day after day.

With an ascent rate of 24m per minute and a Working Load Limit of 200kg the ActSafe ACX is ideal for lifting and manoeuvring solar panels, facade panels or building and construction materials. On sites with an accessible power source, the ACX can be connected to mains electricity with the ActSafe Power Supply unit. The ACX can then be rigged in a fixed position through a deviated rope system and lift continuously, all day long. Batteries can be kept as a redundant back up solution if the on site power was to fail.

Check out more pictures at #actsafe on Instagram and follow @colibri_ouest for more information.


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