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PP Techniq perform complex wind turbine blade service and repair with safe and comfortable access platforms which are manufactured in Denmark.

The down time period of any wind turbine results in a loss of energy generation and a loss of income for the provider. An increase in the efficiency of repair work therefore directly results in the minimal amount of down time, and maximises the amount of energy which can be produced which increases revenue for the provider. ActSafe ascenders are utalised for 4 different work procedures.

1. Steel cables are lifted into position with the help of the ActSafe ascenders to lift them up to the anchor points.

2. Once platform ascends to the desired height, the ActSafe ascenders are anchored to the platform to manoeuvre it horizontally into position on the blade.

3. Technicians use the ActSafe ascenders to leave and return to the platform without interrupting the repair work. This saves considerable time as crew can take relief breaks or change shifts without moving the platform and disturbing the work site.

4. ActSafe ascenders are utilised as rescue devices. Technicians are familiar with them which is of benefit within high pressure emergency situations.

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