SKY-WORK - Facade Replacement

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The Hotel Comwell in Aarhus City Tower is the 4th tallest building in Denmark. The 2350 glass panels on both the gable ends of the structure were required to be replaced in 2018. Work methods considered were: mobile cranes, scaffolding, suspended platforms, gondola lifts and rope access.

With 23 floors and a height of 94m, the black glass façade of the Tower is an impressive landmark in the city of Aarhus. Daily hospitality operations were the clients key concern and it was essential the hotel remained open for business as usual throughout the refurbishment project.

SKY-WORK presented an experienced 5 man team consisting of 4 rope access technicians, assisted by a groundman. They worked with 2 ActSafe ACX ascenders which were bottom rigged and operated by multiple remote controls to lift and lower the glass panels one at a time. Their target was to replace an average of 60 panels every day and complete the job in 4 months. Despite challenging weather the team completed the job ahead of schedule with minimal impact to the daily operations of the hotel. Alternative quotations received estimated an 8 months duration for project completion

The project was dependant on the reliability of the 2 ActSafe ACX to deliver the façade/glass lifting solution on schedule.

Read more about SKY-WORK and the project here



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