Rope Access Inspection Project on the Oresund Bridge

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Rope Access Sweden reported on the first time they worked with the ACC Power Ascenders during their project on the Oresund Bridge whilst working on the bridge pylons and inclined cables.

Petter Gellerstam Managing Director for Rope Access Sweden AB said "We completed the required work in half the calculated time, resulting in a substantial cost savings for the client. Once you have worked with the ActSafe power ascender you can't really understand how you managed before. Work is performed much quicker and the ergonomics and working environment are improved beyond belief."

Using the ActSafe Power Ascender It is possible for technicians to have more frequent breaks due to the time saved. Not only does this improve the quality of the work life of the technician but it also reduces injuries caused by wear and tear on the technicians body. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to rescue a colleague the ActSafe makes this operation considerably easier - leading to increased efficiency and safety.

Rope Access Sweden AB work with ActSafe power ascenders on a daily basis when carrying out operational work on bridges, wind turbines and other such structures.

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