Offshore Equipment Lifting

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Asaken Rope Access Solutions use ActSafe ascenders within their daily operations, both for material lifting and for personal lifting.

Here the ACX power ascender is used by Asaken as a solution to an unexpected problem. Failure of the primary crane hoist on an offshore platform resulted in some challenges for the team. The ACX power ascender was used as an auxiliary winch for lifting their tools and equipment up to the platform from the transfer vessel. It was positioned in a top rigged setup and operated with the Bluetooth remote control.

Having a portable, versatile lifting tool like the ACX ensures the team can complete their tasks and are not dependant on external equipment and maintenance on site. This reduces downtime periods and increases their efficiency. For loads of up to 200kg, the ActSafe ACX is the preferred lifting solution as it is considerably faster than the standard chain hoist. Multiplied over many lifting operations on multiple sites with several teams, this time saving can add up to significant savings throughout the year.

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