At ActSafe we constantly try to ensure our distributors and end users are supplied with the most up to date information to ensure they can promote, sell, train and operate our products as effectively as possible. See below a selection of common FAQs to assist you with your queries.

Is it safe to use a Power Ascender

Working at height or in locations presenting difficult or confined access requires great skills and such standards can only be achieved as a result of extensive training. With the right training and supervision using ActSafe Power Ascenders are safe. We can offer training worldwide through our network of highly competent instructors. Our instructors are certified to the highest level within their respective fields of operation.

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What is a Power Ascender used for?

ActSafe Power Ascenders are used in a number of industrial, rescue and military applications. ActSafe Power Ascenders are unbeatable in places where access is difficult or impossible by other means. Only imagination sets the limits.

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What is a Power Ascender?

A power ascender works as a personal elevator that climbs a standard rope. It is a versatile and rugged tool that can be used in places where it is difficult or impossible to use a skylift, crane, scaffolding or a powered platform. The ActSafe Power Ascender allows rapid installation and dismantling, hence there will be minimal disruption time. Repair and maintenance can be done in a manner that is quick, safe and less expensive. When launched back in 1997 the ActSafe Power Ascender meant a revolution for the rope access industry. The traditional manual climbing methods now could be done with a powered climbing aid, allowing quick and cost-efficient access to a work or rescue site.

Can I buy direct from ActSafe in Sweden?

No, it is not possible to buy directly from ActSafe in Sweden. We have a worldwide network of highly competent distributors ensuring a high level of service in matters around training, safety and after sales service.

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What is rope access?

Rope access is a safe method of working at height where ropes and associated equipment are used to gain access to and from the work place, and to be supported there. The advantage of using rope access methods mainly lies in the safety and speed with which workers can get to or from difficult locations and then carry out their work, often with minimal impact on other operations and the nearby area. Another major benefit is that the combination of the total man-hours and the level of risk for a particular task (man-at-risk hours) is often reduced when compared with other means of access and their associated risks and costs. The primary objective when using rope access methods is to plan, manage and carry out the work with minimal accidents, incidents or dangerous occurrences, i.e. to ensure a safe system of work is maintained at all times, and with no damage to property or harm to the environment. Like any other method of working at height, the application of rope access should be regarded as a complete system, in which planning, management, competence and suitable equipment should be treated with equal importance, as each is dependent on the others to ensure a safe system of work

Do I need training to operate a Power Ascender

Users of ActSafe Power Ascenders must undergo proper training. ActSafe ascenders makes it possible to access heights and depths in a very quick, safe and reliable way. The ascenders are very easy to implement within various work methods and is invaluable in places where access is difficult or impossible by other means. Because of the variety of use in different areas and circumstances training is essential. Working at height or in locations presenting difficult or confined access requires great skill and such standards can only be achieved as a result of extensive training and regular refresher courses.

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