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The above image shows a ranger/forest manager 30m up a native yellowwood-the national tree of Africa. His first time ever seeing the upper canopy of the trees he has managed for 30+ years - a very happy man!

Explore: The Ancient Trees of Africa is an adventurous 21 day expedition to find, measure and record the ancient trees of South Africa. Not only is it a world first in tree canopy exploration, it is also the first expedition of its kind to embrace cutting edge technology to deliver three complementary elements; a documentary, a photography exhibition and a website using digital story telling.

Tree canopies exploration is not for the faint-hearted. It is set dangerously high above the ground and is difficult to access, which makes it one of the last frontiers in exploration on the planet. Using advanced climbing techniques and equipment the expeditions intrepid tree climbers will skilfully venture bare footed into the undisturbed ecosystems of these ancient trees to discover and record a never before explored world.

ActSafe Power Ascenders will be used by the film crew to ascend to the top of the trees whilst filming this world first!

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