Rope Rescue Demonstration using Power Ascenders with French Distributor Horizon Vertical

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Horizon Vertical wanted to demonstrate to ActSafe how their power ascenders/winches are integrated in French ropes rescue techniques.

To demonstrate this, Horizon Vertical (French distributor) organised two days with five rope rescue technicians (from GRIMP Fire Brigades) showing how ActSafe winches are used in the French ropes rescue techniques (High angle, Tyroleans & Bariatric evacuations, etc)

Once the two days were completed all parties agreed it had been an incredibly valuable experience and an event that should be repeated. The event showcased the ability of the power ascenders, the wireless remote control unit as well as the technical ability of the rope access technicians. Please note - In some of the images shown above, the wireless remote control unit is used to control the power ascender when human control not possible

With thanks to the following participants :
Organization / HoVe organization : Nathanael ENAULT Rope rescuers : Cedric Demangeon, Sylvain Endignous, Johny Oger, Olivier Rocarpin


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