ActSafe PME used for installation of nesting boxes for endangered cape parrots

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In August 2013, Explore Trees ( Drew Bristow & David Wiles) headed back to South Africa after a request came in to help the critically endangered cape Parrots.

There are thought to only be about 1200 of these birds left in the wild.

Below is a summary of the trip from Drew Bristow from Explore Trees:

"In January the team had spotted these birds whilst measuring trees and had assisted with removing failed nest boxes. These nest boxes had been removed due to them falling apart and also they were not placed high enough in the trees for the parrots to be interested in using them.

With the sponsorship of and the use of their PME ascenders, the team had the ability to place the new, bigger and heavier duty boxes anywhere in the trees and at any height. The boxes weighed a tad over 15kgs and were cumbersome to say the least- combined with high African temperatures, we could totally see why the project had stumbled the first time around.

With ropes installed at up to 65m and ground lower able in case of emergency, the team set about installing the boxes in the upper canopy. Traditional climbing systems would of limited the team to a max of one per day but the ActSafe PME allowed for effortless installation. The PME has a max lift of 300kg and repositioning as needed. The ability to descend and re ascend 60m plus without even breaking a sweat made for almost effortless work and increased our safety tenfold as heat exhaustion and dehydration are an ever present danger at height.

An issue that the team had recognized prior to climbing was the possibility of bee attacks by African Honey Bees, so they had elected to always climb on lower-able systems. This proved to be a wise decision after both Drew and David were attacked at various times on the trip.

As on the previous expedition in January, the team felt it important to take local people into the trees so that they could see the parrot boxes and get a feel for what the team was trying to do. As well as having the local schools join us in parrot box installations, we arranged for the local business chamber to hold a raffle for its members. The prizes were a ride into the canopy of course, using the ActSafe PME ascender to get up close and see the parrot boxes and learn about the importance of protecting the trees and the parrots.

The team will travel back to South Africa again early 2014 to re assess the parrot boxes and to continue to install more boxes with the hope of finding a breeding pair of parrots.

It goes without saying that ActSafe will be the chosen ascending device yet again, it is hard to believe how accessible the ActSafe devices make the upper canopies.

Thank you ActSafe-you enable us to climb safer, for longer."


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