Pressure pipe inspection in Austria

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Complicated and dangerous pressure pipe inspection performed by Austrian distributor in an old power station in the Austrian Mountains. The use of sledges, lots of longs ropes, power ascenders, power supplies and all the know-how and cave experience of Hoehenwerkstatt were necessary for a successful inspection.

ActSafe distributor in Austria, Hoehenwerkstatt GmbH, was called in to enable an inspection of the two 300-metre long pressure pipes in a power station in Lower Austria. It was clear from the beginning that security measures had to be extremely high. There was no exit at the bottom, so the technicians going through the pipes would always, also in case of emergency, have to come back out at the top. This was made even more complicated by the kinks and direction changers in the pipes that have a diameter of as little as 90-110 cm.

With these difficult conditions the plan was to bring in two sledges that the technicians could lie on while inspecting the pipes. The sledges were lowered and pulled with the ropes connected at the top of the system where the force came from two ActSafe ACCII power ascenders set up with two ActSafe Power Supplies.

The IRATA-certified team from Hoehenwerkstatt GmbH also included guys with cave rescue experience, and this was used for the job that all in all took six days. First there was the set-up, then the testing of the system, checking at all times that the load did not exceed the limitations, then the careful instruction of the technicians and finally the actual inspection itself.

Through good planning, highly skilled personnel and with the use of the ActSafe Power Ascenders the operation was a success, and the technicians managed to inspect the whole pressure pipe system without bigger problems or safety issues.

The use of the power ascenders made the operation both faster, safer and easier for the technicians who, otherwise, would have had to go up using traditional ascending methods, thereby taking more time, and straining the body extremely in the hot and humid environment.

The ActSafe power ascenders and the skills and experience of companies like Hoehenwerkstatt make the difference, even for difficult jobs like this!

The photos are courtesy of Hoehenwerkstatt GmbH.


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