Faster blade repair with PME

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In the Greek province of Viotia, 90 km north of Athens, one of the big companies in wind energy has a wind farm of 30 turbines. The wind turbines that produce 25.5 MW were built in 2011.

Recently one of the turbines was hit by lightning, and a blade was damaged. ActSafe's Greek distributor, Active Point, went to repair the damage on the tip of the blade and check if there were other damages that called for repair.

The two certified blade technicians, Alexis and Dimitri, who did the job, worked from the ground, having to go up and down many times. For this they used a PME Power Ascender, which made it possible for them to do the job faster and get the turbine running again in a fraction of the time it would have taken had they done the ascending manually.

Downtime on wind turbines generates a loss in produced energy, and therefore a financial loss. Decreasing downtime therefore increases the produced energy which again gives a financial gain. But, apart from the financial gain, the gain is also on the technicians' health, and Alexis and Dimitri made this comment about what it means to them: "Working with the power ascender is really a great assistance!"

You can find our Greek distributor here.

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