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The Swiss company Gasser Felstechnik has PME ascenders as part of the equipment for their jobs on the steep mountainsides.

In this newly published article you can get a look into how these hardworking guys secure a huge mountainside, the size of a football field - only vertical - in the centre of the Swiss city of Luzern. The cliff had parts threatening to come down, and the building below would have been severely damaged, just like it could have been lethal for the people passing below where big pieces of rock could come tumbling down anytime. Therefore the expert company was called in to secure this big surface applying special techniques that hold the outside and go deep into the rock to make sure that no part comes off.

For going up the cliff face, as you can see in the last video, the team uses a PME, the long-living petrol-engine ascender that ActSafe has produced for many years. The workers have even nicknamed the ascender, the "Schlitten", meaning something like "the sleigh".

>p>Norway and the Alp region in Europe are some of the areas where there has been a lot of mountainside cleaning with the use of the PME for many years. Now the PMX has been launched with the ability to go both up and down on the rope without changing over to traditional descending techniques, and this has made it safer and easier for these people to do their hard and dirty jobs.

Please read the article, in German, via this link, and see the photos and the two videos. What a job the guys are doing!

If you want to know more about PMEs or PMXs for geo-technical jobs in Switzerland, you can contact our Swiss distributor.


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