We have developed a Rope Suitability Test (download PDF below). The first set of ropes that have been successfully tested are listed below.

The test was developed for 2 reasons:

  1. 1: Our information about ropes was too general and we wanted to provide specific advice about which ropes are suitable for use with ActSafe Ascenders.

  2. 2: Our current generation of Ascenders has a new Rope Grab designed for better grip on the rope. This design reduces the wear on ropes when used in the Ascenders, however it is less tolerant of ropes with the result that softer ropes get easier stuck in the rope grab and therefore get easier damaged.

We have contacted a lot of the major rope brands in Europe and are now able to provide a list of ropes that have passed the test; more will follow. We recommend that all of these ropes should be pre-soaked before first use, as described in the user manuals.

Please take particular note of the colour of the ropes that have passed. Other coloured ropes of the same particular models did not have enough grip to pass some of the tests. The information below is free to use.

Download Rope Suitability Test

ActSafe Compatible Ropes

Brand Type Diameter Remarks
Beal Industrie 11mm All colors
Beal Unicore 11mm All colors, Only for ACC & PME
Edelrid Performance Static 11mm All colors
Edelrid Safety Super II 11mm Only color 047, Snow
Edelrid Super Static Link Tec 11mm All colors
Petzl Axis 11mm R074xxxx All colors
Skylotec Super Static 11mm R-079
Tendon Secure 11mm All colors
Tendon Static 11mm White only
Teufelberger Patron+ 11mm All colors
Marlow Static LSK 11mm All colors
Marlow Diablo 11mm All colors
English Braids Tutus Static 11mm White
Teufelberger KMIII 11mm All colors
Teufelberger Comes 11mm All colors


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