The perfect tool for heavy lifting in a marine environment

The IP-68 rating guarantees the ascenders are watertight up to 10 meters (33 feet) for a maximum of 4 hours.

The TCX Rescue is specifically developed to be used for any naval and diving operations, for any heavy lifting operation.

Smoothly operate the speed up to 24 m/min.
Remote control with range up to 150 metres
The perfect tool for heavy lifting in a marine environment. IP68 rated.

Working Load Limit: 250kg (550lbs)
Speed: 0-24m/min (0-78 ft/min)

The TCX Rescue Ascender
The TCX Rescue Ascender is developed by ActSafe for Tactical users. Design, power train and batteries are specially developed for this model which only is available for tactical users. The TCX IP-68 Ascender range is designed for maximum endurance, it is water tight and optimized for heavy lifting and silent operation.

The maximum ascending speed is 24 meter/min.
High precision control allows accurate continuous speed control from 0 to 24 meters per minute. In addition the well balanced acceleration characteristics contribute to the very precise control of the ascender.
Speed and direction is controlled with one hand (left) only hence the operator always has one hand free.

Battery System & Range
The TCX Ascender has a interchangeable battery. The range in meters before a recharge of the battery is needed depends on speed, load, direction and surrounding temperature. Typically you will get around 200m meter continuous drive with a 100kg load. If you perform descends the capacity increases dramatically as the battery recharges during descents! The electronics of the ascender monitors power outtake, temperature and other important parameters and therefore optimizing performance, range and battery life.

The battery capacity is monitored and displayed by the help of LEDS on the battery. The operator has full overview off the remaining battery power.
The battery is removable and docked into the charger for recharging. The charging time is less than 90 minutes.

Lifting Capacity
The TCX Rescue Ascender is optimized for lifting a fully equipped operator and patient, i.e. between 80-250kg. Sufficient enough for lifting a medic with patient and stretcher.
The load is monitored and the ascender will be switched off automatically in case of an over load (>250kg) to protect the batteries and the rope installation.

Operator interface
The TCX Ascender has straight forward operator interface. The operator has full control of speed, direction and battery power -even under trying circumstances. The ascender is operated with one hand only via a patented bi-directional throttle handle.

Under water operation
The TCX Rescue Ascender is waterproof to a depth of 10m. Ideal for tactical diving, rescue and recovery operations. A buoyancy aid can be attached for diving so that the buoyancy of the ascender can be adjusted and made positive when at the surface.

Temperature range
Low temperature will affect the battery capacity whilst high temperature will make heat dissipation harder. The control electronics of the TCX Ascender monitors surrounding temperature as well as internal temperature and adapts performance accordingly, all in order to optimize the battery capacity and heat dissipation.

Rope loading is extremely fast and straight forward. The rope can easily be loaded to the ascender in darkness or under water and that in less than 10 seconds. The rope grab system is designed for kern mantel ropes. It offers excellent grip on the rope, this goes even for soaked ropes.

The weight of the TCX Rescue Ascender is 13kg (incl. battery).

The noise generated by the ascender is depending on speed and load. At low speed it is literally silent.

Remote control
The TCX Ascender is equipped with a Bluetooth remote control system. Speed (slow/medium/fast) and direction can be controlled up to a distance of 150 meters (non-line of sight). Since the remote control overrides the controls of the ascender it can be used in rescue operations. In case the operator is unable to continue the ascent/descent; with the use of the remote he can be rescued by another person ascending/descending him to a safe location.
The remote control enables numerous possibilities when it comes to access methods. The ascender can be attached at the anchor point and the operator connected to the end of the rope only, having full control of ascent/descent.

Emergency descender
The TCX Ascender can descend mechanically as well. Hence the operator can descend even without battery power.

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