Important Safety Updates for ActSafe PME Power Ascenders

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Mars 25, 2009

The PME Ascender features a space between the cables and the chassis. There is a risk of small stones or other foreign particles penetrating through this space and destroying the gearwheels and the gear rim. This has happened on occasion, especially with the PM and the PME, which are used in very dirty and demanding environments. Most cases have only involved partially destruction of the gearwheels, and this has been detected at the annual inspection. In a few very unfortunate instances, however, the gearwheels and the gear rim have totally failed, resulting in a free fall. We wish to emphasise that this risk only applies to ActSafe PME and PM, there being another technical solution for ActSafe ACC.

ActSafe has developed a seal ring, to be fitted between the cables and the chassis, preventing penetration of foreign particles. This seal ring is provided by ActSafe free of charge.

We once again wish to emphasis the importance of using a separate backup system to prevent accidents when using ascenders. We also wish to emphasise the importance of an annual inspection. Distributors should encourage customers to inspect the product annually so it can be approved for conveyance of persons, and should remind customers about such inspections.

Damage to gearwheels can also be the result of washing with a high pressure jet, and thereby removing the grease that lubricates the gearwheels and gear rim. The friction caused by removal of the grease causes destruction of the cogs. Thus high pressure washing and washing using degreasing agents or hot water are not permissible. A new kind of grease has been developed to minimise the risk of grease removal. It has excellent lubricating and adhesion properties, and is obtainable free of charge from ActSafe.

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