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Important information to all distributors and end-users of ActSafe ACCII Power Ascenders

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Recently in Norway there was an incident with an ActSafe ACCII power ascender. Actsafe are therefore recommending that all ACC ascenders, which currently do not have a Velcro strap, have one added onto the rope cover during the next service. The Velcro strap that you can see on the picture is standard on the current ACCII model. The incident in Norway involved an operator unintentionally opening the rope cover, while positioning himself with an ACCII ascender. Afterwards, while ascending, the rope exiting the rope grab was obstructed. The blocked rope formed a loop placed in front of the rope guide. When the operator was descending, the loose rope was released from the ascender, resulting in the operator hanging unharmed on his backup system. ActSafe takes incidents like this very seriously and feels that it is necessary to put more focus on the safety issue related to closing the rope cover properly in order to prevent any future incidents of this kind. Additionally we would like to highlight that operators should ensure at all times that the rope is running correctly through the rope grab mechanism during operation and ideally hold the outgoing rope to have optimised control. During your ACCII ascenders next service ensure that the Velcro is fitted onto the rope cover buckle. End users that would like to have this Velcro retrofit kit updated immediately, then this can be ordered from your distributor or directly from ActSafe. The fitting of the Velcro kit is quick and easy when following the instructions that come with the kit. The Velcro retrofit kit is available free of charge.


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