Incident reports: Dropped ACX and Batteries.

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We have recieved a few incident reports regarding dropped ACX and batteries that we want to share to help avoid further of these incidents.

Dropped ACX

ActSafe have received two incident reports where ACX machines have been dropped. Both cases involved an unloaded ACX being sent down by remote control. Both ACX had functioning rope cover locks and it is suspected that the rope covers where not closed properly by the users. Close the cover with a distinct click and double check by pulling outwards on the rope cover with your hand to make sure its locked.

This type of incident can only occur with an unloaded ACX, because when ACX is under load, the cover is also forced closed by the load.

Dropped ACX batteries

ActSafe have received two incident reports that batteries have been dropped. One is suspected to have been dropped because the battery was not fully inserted, and the locking mechanism was thus not holding the battery in place. Always check that the white battery lock is visible outside of the black battery plastic. “click in place”.

The other incident is believed to have accidently operating the battery release while practising to use the emergency descent.

Each ACX is supplied with a Cordura protective cover which fully covers the battery and is one option to prevent dropping the battery.

It is also possible to mount a tool tether or sling to the battery to secure it to the ACX. The battery sling is marked 0kN, but it is tested for a one meter factor one fall with a static lanyard. If changing the battery at height always secure it in the battery sling with suitable lanyard. Spare battery should not be only hanging in the battery sling while transported but secured in a bag or similar to reduce risk of dropping it.

Both these cases of the dropped ACX and the batteries highlights the importance of proper user training.


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