At ActSafe we constantly try to ensure our distributors and end users are supplied with the most up to date information to ensure they can promote, sell, train and operate our products as effectively as possible. See below a selection of common FAQs to assist you with your queries.

Is the efficiency of the rope grab affected by wet ropes or ice and snow?

No, the efficiency of the rope grab is as good with dry as wet ropes. Ensuring the rope is suitable for use with ActSafe Power Ascenders are more important.

How long will a rope last?

A slightly nappy / fuzzy mantle can be accepted but replace the rope if there are any fractures on the mantle so that the core is visible. Read the instructions of the rope manufacturer and keep a log of the usage of the rope. The life time will differ with usage and also which rope is used, please see ActSafe’s approved ropes list.

How long will a rope grab last

It depends on the working environment. Sand or rock flour together with wet rope will wear down the rope grab faster. As long as the lifting capacity is OK the rope grab doesn’t need to be changed. Generally the rope grab lasts at least 3-4 years with clean ropes.

How much can I lift?

SWL (Safe Working Load) is 200kg, max load for rescue is 250 kg

Can I use dynamic ropes?

No, only static / semi static ropes 10-13mm, fulfilling EN1891 can be used. There is a big difference how well different ropes perform, please see ActSafe’s approved ropes list


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